Why are Only 24% of IoT Projects Scalable?

A Webinar to Unfold the Success Mantra for the Industrial OEMs.

This Webinar

Scaling IoT projects is a critical challenge in the industrial landscape, and this is why 76% of IoT Projects fail at initiation. Industrial IoT adoption often reveals that each vertical within an organization – engineering, operations, and business – holds different sets of pain points. These may include device management, security, scalability, connectivity, and compliance issues, each requiring a unique approach.

This webinar uncovers the key factors behind the scalability roadblocks faced by OEMs. The session with industry leaders offers valuable insights, enabling manufacturers to adopt Industry 4.0.

Our Speakers

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Lee House

Founder & CEO

Deep Nayar

Co-Founder & CTO

vivek Bayalusime

Global Engineering Leader

Nishant Puri


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